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          Definition of CNC machine tools
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          CNC machine tools | numerical control machine tool manufacturers | CNC machine tools price | Shandong CNC machine tools

          Definition of CNC machine tools

          International Federation of Information Processing (international federation of information processing, ifip) Fifth Technical Committee, CNC machine tools made the following definition: CNC machine tool is a machine tool equipped with a process control system, the system can use logic to deal with a number or other symbol coded instructions prescribed procedures.

          More simply, is the use of CNC machine tools, digital control machine tools, is the basis of general machine tools plus a special control system, the so-called digital control (numerical control, nc), with digital information on the movement and operation control technology, is to use a digital quantization control.

          CNC machine tools (computer numerical control, cnc) is the help of a computer, digitally-controlled machine tools. It automatically processed into the desired shape and size of parts. People are programmed to express through the shape and size of parts requirements. It solves the problem of rigid automatic production line modifications and often difficult adjustment device, showing adapt to more variety, low-volume production parts production of "flexible." Since 1952, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (massachusetts institute of technology, mit) servo laboratory developed the world's first CNC machine tools since, CNC machine tools in manufacturing 50 years of development, modern CNC machine tools is set machinery manufacturing technology , hydraulic and pneumatic technology, computer technology, group technology and modern control technology, sensor technology, information processing technology, network communication technology is one, therefore, improve the birth of CNC machine tools and technology for the development of the manufacturing sector to create a new level era.


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